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The VBR-Belgium sport conversion set in the VBR-B 7.92x24 mm S caliber for the Glock 17 pistol.
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The VBR-Belgium  9x19 AP 6.3 cartridge
Designed and patented by Mr. Rik Van Bruaene manager from VBR-Belgium. VBR-Belgium 9x19AP6.3 page VBR-Belgium .45 AP
Cut resistant clothing VBR-Belgium. Cut resistant T-shirts Cut resistant Polo Cut resistant pants Cut resistant vests Police gloves Cut resistant T-shirt Coolmax-Cutyarn level 5 Cut resistant Spectra level 5 Cut resistant Leather Jacket  VBR-KVL-91 Dyneema level 5  VBR-PG-68-Alpha gloves Cut L5, needle and slash  protection  gloves VBR-PG-34 Gloves cut resistance  level 5  VBR-PG-38 gloves Cut & needle resistant gloves VBR-Search gloves High needle resistance Turtleskin  Turtleskin Alpha Gloves Turtleskin Bravo Gloves Turtleskin Search Gloves Disposable Search gloves NEON Snake armor hunting pants BladeTecT Sleeveless Vest BladeTecT Full Sleeve Vest TurtleSkin Stab vests MFA
Balss Bullet proof underwear
Stab & Bullet proof vest Level HG1A-KR1
Bullet proof vest  Level NIJ-3A (04)
Bullet proof vest Level NIJ-3A (06)
Bullet proof vest Level NIJ-3A (06)+KR1
Bullet proof vest Level NIJ-3A (04)+NIJ-4 With 2 hard plates. Stops Kalashnikov
Stab & bullet proof vest Level NIJ-3A(06)+KR1+NIJ-4 Stops hunting knifes and bullets out Kalashnikov
Bullet proof vest Omega Modular system with detachable loading platform. Different protection levels posible! Concealed NIJ-3A(04)+2 plates NIJ-4
The VBR-Belgium PDW-Sidearm
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Cut resistant clothing VBR-Belgium A new trend is on the rise where the standard uniform is replaced by a cut resistant T-shirt, polo or tactical jacket. Police agents, security guards and concerned civilians take no risks anymore to get heavily wounded by attacks with knifes broken beer bottles or glasses. New duty polo contains a soft outer layer out cotton and can be printed with police, security or company logo’s. The mid layer contains a cut resistant Spectra layer level 5 and the internal layer is made from a breathable Coolmax fiber. This is a serious increase of safety compared with the standard duty polo! Info Cut resistant Polo Shirts and T-shirts The new cut resistant T-shirt with short or long sleeves becomes the basic outfit of every security agent. Nobody works unprotected!  Info Cut resistant T- Shirt   The new cut resistant combat pants is special made for security guards has a cotton water repellent outer layer and provides 360° Cutyarn level 5 cut protection. Ideal as extra protection of the abdomen and legs when wearing a stab proof vest. Ideal as cut resistant uniform pants for security guards. Models with other material compositions possible at request. Info cut resistant pants Anti Rape pants Cut-, stab- needle proof  Stab resistant vest The new textile general tactical jacket is special developed to wear over the body armor and contains a Spectra lining level 5 on the entire surface of the jacket including the arms. For police officers and security guards, this is one immediate increase of safety against knife cuts compared to the standard over jackets. Info Cut resistant Textile jacket
Cut resistant T-shirts for football supporters.   Protection football supporters against terror attacks         www.belgievbrshop.be              New counter terrorism website for football supporters Bescherming voetbalsupporters tegen terreuraanslagen Protection de football supporters belge conter des attaques terroristes
New in Belgium for the football supporters! Cut resistant Clothing  =========================== Snijwerende kledij voor Belgische voetbalsupporters
maar voor de ander wel!  Steekpartij forum Steekpartij - snijwerende kledij levensreddend
 Gilet pare-balles fluorescent pour les  les chasseurs
Fluo Bullet proof vest for hunters
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Gilets anti- couteau pas chers
Gilets anti- couteau pas chers
Stab proof vest Level  KR1-SP1
Steekpartij Antwerpen Voor deze jongen kunnen we niets meer doen,  
T-Shirts Polo shirts Pants Rain vests Bullet proof vests Gloves .......................................
Cut resistant compression garment
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Snijwerende en kogelwerende T-shirts Stab proof en bullet proof T-shirts T-shirts pare-balle et pare-couteau Schnittfesten und kugelsicheren T-Shirts
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Torskin is a collection of innovative cut-, slash- and stabresistant clothing
Info Torskin cut and stab proof T-shirt Info Torskin Siocool T-shirt Info Torskin UBAC cut resistant
Torskin Slag-,snij- en steekwerende T-shirts
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Cheap black cut-resistant Kevlar T-shirt 
New Cotton-Kevlar T-shirts for low price 89.95 Euro Good price/quality
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Nouveau gilet antiterroriste
Pare-balles Pare-couteau Pare-pic Pare éclats de grenade
Kogelwerende onderkleding / Sous vêtements pare-balles / Bullet proof underwear
Info Balss bullet proof set
Elastische onderkleding met kogelwerende pakketten beschermt de romp, armen en benen
Geschikt voor diplomaten, VIP’s, handelsvertegenwoordigers
Geschikt voor gewone burgers of toeristen
Geschikt voor Speciale Eenheden
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